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Via Serra Alta, 16 – 61033 Fermignano (Pesaro e Urbino)


Raffaello Room 2a The view is the strong point. From the balcony you can enjoy the sight of Urbino, tasting dishes from our breakfast .Perfect for a romantic stay.
Rossini Room camera_rossini Comfortable and relaxing has a TV and a comfortable sofa bed for your relaxation or to accommodate a third person. Ideal for friends, families or for business trip.  
The bathroom 5a In his classic style bath, you can relax by taking care of your body with salts ( lily of the valley, rose and honeysuckle) and the bath creams (bitter or spicy cocoa)  
Breakfast room sala_delle_colazioni Not only the place for refreshment, but also the point where you can find the latest information on major events in the area, taste some local specialties of the house (marmalades, honey, beer, oil and cherries vine-Prunus cerasus), or have fun with the many board games at your disposal.